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What is Angel Therapy | Introduction to Archangels | Your Heavenly Guardians

Hello Divine Souls,

Regardless of our faith or belief, tales of angels and their miracles are a part of our legacy. The Higher Power protecting the Spiritual Team watching over us while we navigate through life or us. 

Angels are described as the messengers of God. In the Bible, they are referred to as the “Helpers of God.

How Angels Help Us?

  • They guard and protect us.
  • They bring Messages of God. 
  • They guide us on our Life Path.
  • They deliver us from Evil.
  • They comfort us in times of Pain, Loss, or Grief.

What is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational healing modality that involves working with our Guardian Angels (Messengers of God) and Archangels (Leaders of Heavenly Legions). 

Angels are always around us, but they cannot intervene unless we request their assistance per the Divine Law of Free Will.

Connection to the Higher Consciousness & Angels come instinctively to highly attuned people. While, others require a practitioner, who’ll use an angel card deck to receive their communications by channeling their angels and passed loved ones. (Note: You’ll need to believe).

Seven Archangels and Their Roles :

Archangels always approach us with love, acceptance, & deep compassion. They work for the Holy Spirit (God) and still provide the guidance resonating with our highest good.

They continually layout opportunities for us to choose from, as they can’t directly influence or intervene in our life choices due to the Universal Law of Free Will. But, they are never forceful or pushy, and always support us.

Archangels come to us with much love, acceptance, understanding, and deep compassion, and I am grateful for receiving this opportunity to bring us closer to our Holy Guardians. 

While the definite number of archangels is unknown, many cultures and beliefs have cited seven archangels. Let’s learn about seven famous Archangels, their Purpose, and Role. 

Archangel MichaelHe Who is Like God

AA Michael is considered the Leader of the Heavenly force, The Prince of the Angels. He is the one who cast out Lucifer, the fallen star of heaven. Therefore, usually depicted in armor, holding a sword rising over a demon. His primary role is the Protection and Shielding of Negative energies. To find the strength within and help you go through the difficult phases in your life.

Archangel Raphael God Heals

AA Raphael brings God’s healing light to Earth. Also, described as the Heavenly Physician, Raphael heals a lot of past hurts. He is known to aid those healing others, notably physicians, therapists, and other spiritual practitioners, and supports all creatures of God. He works alongside AA Michael to alleviate fear and stress-based energies, delivering improvement in well-being.

Archangel Uriel Light of God

AA Uriel aids us to realize our higher potential (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). He is God’s light, so his priority is to enlighten us by drawing to the surface, our inner strengths, and our weaknesses. He is known for supporting spiritual practitioners, to receive information from other spiritual guides. He assists people to channel their higher knowledge, giving us the wisdom to unfold and develop emphatically.

Archangel Zadkiel – Righteousness of God

Zadkiel helps us with compassion. He encourages us to have a love for ourselves and to love others with an open heart. He reminds us of history and now, aiding us to understand and accept breakthroughs in our lives. He provides us the strength, we seek to confront our fears and reminds us to be grateful for the love we hold in our hearts.

Archangel JophielBeauty of God

Jophiel helps us when we feel the most vulnerable. She imparts the beauty in our souls, never centering upon physical charm. She motivates people to explore deep within themselves, helping us achieve the inner strength we search and reveal the beauty within our soul. She can also help us see the goodness in others and our situations, helping us to understand and be grateful for what we have.

Archangel ChamuelHe Who Sees God

Chamuel represents God’s love and compassion for people and the world in general. He aids us in finding love and kindness in self, which helps us draw more positivity in our surroundings. He is also known for supporting us to boost our intuition and vibrations, aiding us to channel messages from God or the higher spirits.

Archangel GabrielStrength of God

Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength.’ Gabriel is my guardian angel, I hold a secure connection to her. She is popularly known as the Communicator of God in various ways: literature, art, music, verbal & emotional expression, or just communication of any kind. She also aids in overcoming concerns about fear and procrastination in all areas related to children, assisting through conception, pregnancy, childbirth.

How can you connect with your Angels?

It’s not essential to remember the names of all the Angels, You can call the angels of the specific purpose, for example, if you are looking at the help. 

In love, you can merely pray and say, Angels of Love and Romance, please help me, if you are looking for the protection you can say, Angels of Protection, please help. 

Note: The Angels will not intervene unless you call upon them, so it’s essential that you all upon the angels in your life.

I wish you a lot of luck connecting with your Angelic Family. 

Love & Light,

Messenger Angel