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Importance of Gratitude Journaling | Why Practice | How it Helps

Hello Soul Fam,

Let’s talk about gratitude today. To illustrate what it implies, I have picked one of my favorite quotes here and a simple tale. I trust you will enjoy this.

I have noticed that the Universe loves gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more goodies you get. When I say ‘goodies,’ I don’t mean only material things. I mean all the people, places, and experiences that make life so wonderfully worth living.

~ Louis Hay

Gratitude Defined in a brief narrative :

Two patrons were wandering through the wilderness, fatigued and dehydrated, seeking some water to quench their thirst. That quest led them to a riverbank, where they discovered some water collected. Just enough to hike a few miles.

One patron, grateful to the Lord, rejoiced – “Praise thee, Jesus, for giving us water.” While the other scoffed, “How could so scarce water benefit us.” Both drank the water but with different intentions and parted their ways.  

The patron who located water and praised the Universe, spotted a nomad tribe to take him to his destination. When he reached his halt, he gave the nomad some coins and, in return, received a bag of grains and a pitcher of water.

The other comrade who cussed the Universe lost his course and struggled to locate more water. Little did the fellow know, if he uncovered the earth where he stood, he would discover water.

Moral of this story?

The patron who praised the Universe for the water, though not adequate. His grateful gesture and acceptance of hindrances the Universe threw his way, helped him reach his destination, and more in return. 

While the other patron who cussed the Universe and focused on the lack didn’t discern the opportunity he held as he wasn’t willing to trust and, in turn, lost his gifts, the Universe sent his way. 

It’s well said: 

When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.

~  Anthony Robbins

My Life Lesson Unsealed :

For years, I felt my work was unfulfilling. Working as a Global Operations Manager in a reputed firm. I felt a burden, a frustration that led to much tension between my employer and me. 

Late March 2017, I attended a workshopThe Art of Manifesting Abundance“, that made me realize. My consistent focus on the lack in my career instead of counting my blessings & affirming the hidden positivities was hindering my path to prosperity. This was an eye-opening experience. Lack attracts lack, gratefulness attracts abundance. It was a simple equation.

This changed approach helped me refocus my life and rebuild my association with my employer on concrete foundations. I now have a team I manage and a 20% hike in salary, thanks to the changed perspective. It’s over eight years now, I am with the very organization celebrating my little triumphs every day.

How to have a Gratitude in Life?

1. Express! Always thank your friends and family; this conveys the message that they are cherished.

2. Share wherever you can, a monetary amount or your time, volunteer in events helping the needy.

3. At present, we are facing a global threat; the least we can do is being thankful for our Health and Safety.

4. Keep a Gratitude Journal; this will aid you to notice your progress throughout your life.

5. Imagine your life, without your friends or family, appreciating your efforts; this is precisely how the Universe feels when you withhold.

6. Share your gratitude with friends and family; this will help you draw more – YouTube Channel SoulPancake chose to experiment this by having participants call those closest to them and share their gratitude. The results were quite amazing.

7. Write a “Thank You” letter to the Universe before you unwind, citing all that you are grateful for in life.

Thus, Dear Tribe. Lack of gratitude shall keep you away from the magic of the Universe. Start manifesting the abundance in your life by jotting down five things you are grateful for & share this magic.

Wishing you luck on your path to abundance.

Love & Light,

Messenger Angel