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Raising Your Vibrations | 10 Ways to Remove Negative Energy | Cleanse Home & Body

Vibe high and the magic around you will unfold.

Akilnathan Logeswaran

Coming from the Hindu background, every home reflected a divine sanctuary. A safe abode where Dhan (Financial Abundance), Vidya (Knowledge), & Sukh (Health & Prosperity) thrive and keeping a positive cosmic field was vital to avoid ailments, affliction, and disasters.

Warding off negative energies or “Nazar,” meaning “Evil Eye,” was part of our routine.

I reminisce those times when our grandma worried about the Nazar projected upon the family and kept a few tricks up her sleeve to kick those bad vibes out the front door.  

These beliefs may not have scientific evidence but have become popular as it is passed over generations and rooted in one’s culture. 

There is no comparison to the tried & tested age-old wisdom of our ancestors now passed onto us; I am sharing here :

01. Declutter Your Home

It’s believed that Goddess Lakshmi never resides in a place that is unclean & cluttered. Tidy your house, rearrange the furniture, and clear the doorway to bring in some good vibes. 

Remove stuff you been hoarding on, make space for growth & prosperity.

02. Bring in Some Fresh Air

A closed, gloomy place is a feast for negative energies. Open the windows, allow the sunlight and fresh breeze to cleanse the stuck downright, depressing energies from the house. 

03. Salt for Absorbing Negative Energy

Salt is known to be a healer. Sprinkle some Sea Salt or Black Salt at the entrance and sweep it off to banish those bad energies from home. 

Add some salt to the floor cleaner to wipe the floor and ward off bad vibes. You can keep a bowl of salt in all corners of your residence to absorb the negative energy. 

04. Smudging Home with Sage or Cedar

Smudging is a Native American tradition of removing negative forces and spirits using smoke from a purifying herb. Commonly used herbs are White Sage or Cedar. 

You can purchase Smudge Kit from Amazon, Etsy, or a local metaphysical store to follow the traditional approach to smudging or use your incense holder.

If you are sensitive to smoke, you can use Smudging Spray, another simple and effective way of cleansing. Spray curtains, walls, linens, furniture, etc. to clean your home and sacred space. 

05. Sound Cleansing

Use high vibrational music such as Native American drumming, flutes, or nature sounds: Waterfall, Ocean waves, Raindrops, etc. to cleanse your place.

You could use Wind Chimes, Bells or Tibetan Singing Bowls to break the pattern and promote positivity in the abode.

06. Use Statues, Photos, and Symbols

Placing religious statues, photos, and symbols boost the spiritual energies in the home & keep negativity at bay.

07. Banish Bad Energies with Lemons

Lemon is considered as the Fruit of God & highly effective in warding off Evil Eye. Mix lemon juice with water and spray around the house, especially in the corners, to eliminate all negative energy and improve your home environment.

According to Indian custom, you could hang Green Chillies, and a Lemon pronounced as Nimbu – Mirchi in Hindi, tied on a thread to ward off evil spirits or warn of the mishap.

08. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

According to Feng Shui, incorporating mirrors, especially Convex Mirrors, helps to bounce off negative energies from home.

09. Add Some Green Magick

Introduce some plants like Rosemary, Lucky Bamboo, Holy Basil, or Peace Lilies to sprinkle some Green Magick to your home. Bonsai Trees are another artistic way to draw some positive vibes and nature to the house.

10. Shield your Space with Crystals

Here are a few recommended crystals for protection:

Tourmaline: Best crystal to ward off and dissolve negative energy.

Tigers Eye: Best crystal to watch over, just like a protective Tiger spirit animal.

Shungite: Best crystal to protect the home from unwanted radiation and the Evil Eye

Selenite: Best crystal for shielding, not letting your energies drain from your personal space.

You can either place these crystals at the corners to create a protection grid around the house or place an Obsidian Sphere or Shungite Sphere on your work desk to deflect the negative energies.

Always Share , send good vibes.

~ Pranita Deshpande

Happy Cleansing!