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The Power of Voice | Express Yourself | Unlock Your Potential

As we strive to adapt to our new reality, it’s beyond doubt that this recent pandemic was an eye-opener for most of us. 

Neither were we equipped, nor did we anticipate such a grievous, lasting global death trap affecting millions of lives. These unprecedented times have not only generated immense dread but further confined us from human contact. More than ever now is the time to speak up and express yourself.

We often overlook the potential we hold within, to inform and to influence.

When we express, the priority is our happiness & fulfillment rather than other’s appreciation. Our hardware, i.e. our physical body, is in sync with our software, i.e. our thoughts & emotions.

This aids in achieving the delicate balance within the spirit and form, relieving our stress & frustration otherwise triggered by suppression.

A person without self-expression is a person without personal freedom.


This change is for the better.  

Our voice is a powerful tool – a pathway to articulate and share our authentic self to the world.

When we open up, our life goes through a significant transformation. Old ingrained wounds healed, restrained emotions, and muffled thoughts vocalized, not only rescuing us from our self-imposed barriers but also presenting the newfound freedom to unearth and connect to our hearts – the center of pure compassion for self and others.

Expression of feelings opens the passage to our soul because it eliminates whatever blocks us from embracing our real emotions.

When we learn to stand up and share our real sentiments and beliefs, we unlock a direct connection between our ego (lower self) and our soul (higher self). We are in alignment.  

There is no fear, doubt or judgment obstructing us from moving forward or reaching our true potential.

The connection creates a channel that fills our soul energy to our personality. With time, we become soul-infused, personifying and reflecting the essence of our spirit. We shift into a conduit through which our minds communicate.

We rise, and we shine as we express!

When a person does not feel secure to express themselves authentically, the psychological impact is negative, and the ongoing demand to act happy often drives to unhealthy outbursts of emotion, seldom in entirely unrelated situations.

This tension associated with expression emerges from the fear of authenticity because there is a concern of allowing people to see our genuine feelings.

If we could gain clarity on what it means to be honest, we could progress towards cultivating a technique of relating to others that enables us to be authentic.

Our minds can untangle thoughts we have been holding firmly. Spiritually, we shall radiate the glow once dormant. Our relationships improve as we feel more in tune with ourselves and free to connect with others. People can sense our candour and attracted to our positivity.

This journey is an ongoing one that entails identifying our inner barriers and disputes we acquired during our early years – that we were not good enough, attractive, smart, or fill-in-the-blank enough.  

Tips to Improve Your Communication

1. Practicing in front of a mirror: work on your pitch, pronunciation, body language, and fluency of speech.

2. Keeping a check on your pace; allow yourself time to think. Pause is necessary to breathe, and it gives the audience a chance to reflect on the stated.  

3. Developing your listening skills, a vital element for a productive dialogue. As quoted by strategist Stephen R Covey: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

4. Joining educational institutions like Toastmasters that operate clubs globally to promote communication, public speaking and leadership.

5. Learning and practicing common expressions used by speakers in everyday conversations

6. Singing along your favourite tunes is a fun way to improve your speech while enjoying the light-hearted moment.

7. Reading aloud articles or books is a practical way to develop your vocabulary and use of new words while gaining knowledge.

8. Always be prepared for any speaking opportunity.

9. Practice writing at least a page daily; it could be journaling, blogging or even jotting down random thoughts. 

10. Use Ctrl + Alt+ Del technique : Control self-critical thoughts. Alter your thinking. Delete negativity. Don’t let this be a distraction. Share your ideas, insights and expertise freely and make a difference in the world – your voice matter.

11. Be yourself. Enjoy your conversations, rather than considering it a task. When you put your heart into something, you may not consider it a duty and compromise or weaken yourself. You will give your best and relish the work involved in hitting the home run.

Do not let fear keep you on the sidelines. Your number has been called, get in the game! It is your time to shine.

 ~ E’yen A. Gardner

Remember, good things take time. Be patient.