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Number Magick | Manifest Your Reality

Hello Soul Family,

Do you often see repeating numbers? Ever been chased around by recurring series? Woken every day at 4:44 to your surprise? A glance at your clock to notice 11:11?

Well, lucky you. This is the most common signal: Your angels are reaching out.

The Universe interacts with us through signs & symbols, at times through recurring number sequences, called Angel Numbers. In simple words, it’s your angels reaching out to guide you or simply drop a “Hi” to talk to their divine child. 

Repeated numbers are a powerful conduit for our Angels and Spirit Guides to connect to our energies. These messages are a potent gateway to our spiritual association, not to be ignored. 

On my Journey as an Angel Therapist, angel numbers have remained a focal part; they have been an essential source of guidance for my clients and me. 

With time and efforts, my kinship has developed into a much reliable connection with my spiritual team. Always providing me with the guidance to walk the walk of life.

Hence, with direction from my angels and guidance of my mentors – Doreen Virtue, Melanie Beckler, and Sheetal Sapan Mhatre. Sharing my knowledge and expertise on the advice from the Angelic Realm.

Noticed, number plates reflecting 6:06? Dates on the calendar show 12:12? Time on your laptop display 11:11? Your Social Media hits 777 likes? 

These are the signs not to be ignored if it’s frequently occurring, as the guidance hidden is crucial to your path ahead. We all are on the mission of discovering our soul purpose, and the Universe is all about synchronization. 

Angel numbers befriend us on this Journey and amplify the process of our soul growth. At times of fear and distress, these symbols genuinely support and reflect the light to escort our way. 

While the list is endless, I have decoded the few common patterns to provide a simple breakdown, you could use. For example, if you notice 20:20 on your watch, you know it’s a note encouraging faith in the Universe combining the energies of numbers 2 and 0. 

Let’s begin this enchanting trip with a snippet on Number Magick, the call from the spiritual realm. 

Number 0 –

The omega figure of the conception. Universe Loves you, the creator embraces you. You are his perfect child. New Beginnings. Be the one in union with true self and divinity. 

Number 1 –

Spiritual awakening, monitor your thoughts. You create your reality. What you believe is what you manifest.

Number 2 –

Have faith. Maintain a sense of harmony and balance.

Number 3 –

Ascended Masters are nearby, call upon them; Ask them for assistance. A message of joy, image creation, psychic ability. The number of self-expression, social synergy and optimism.

Number 4 –

You are being supported by the angels at every step. This number connects the mind, body and spirit with the physical world of structure and order. 

Number 5 –

Transformation coming your way. Shedding old un-serving ways, and accepting the fresh. The change can take many forms – new people, places or employment. An exciting time ahead.

Number 6 –

Maintain a balance between material and spiritual. Your needs are being fulfilled; help is available call your angels. Finding balance in the family situation – support, nurture and heal.

Number 7 –

You are on the right path. Divine is supporting you. Intuition, mysticism, inner knowing. Defines conclusion and perfection. 

Number 8 –

Material abundance and career success. The number of Karma. Either you are doing something right or something opposite, you have to skim through your actions and redeem yourself.

Number 9 –

Signifies your purpose in life. Divine completeness or carries a sense of ending.

Repeated Patterns at your service :

Number 1111 –

Master Manifestation Number is commonly associated with Twin Flames (TF); this means you are complete. 

Open your soul to love, focus inwards. Make a wish. The moment you notice 11:11 – pause, breathe and focus on your thoughts very moment, as you manifest your beliefs. 

Profoundly potent Portal on this day, create a vision board to manifest your dreams, it’s a strong activation key. 

1111 also signifies the presence of AA Michael and his attempt to get our attention.

Number 1212

Another awakening code availing a critical download. This number suggests that love is round the corner. Focus on the essence of the Universe, keep your vibrations high. 

An energetic download is complete in your life, and you are ready for the next chapter. 

This number drives you closer to your guardian angel. Your thoughts have a compelling blend of numerals 1 and 2, focusing on what you are conceiving and being in tune with yourself and your loved one.

Number 222

This number is magnifying the need to have faith. You suddenly see a series of 2; it is advising you to let go of negativities and believe that another Twin Flame (TF) number urging you to be harmonious.

Number 333

Your ascended masters are with you, take a moment and welcome their closeness. Power of Trinity, bringing you closer to your totality, manifestation and confidence. 

Number 444

Your angels are supporting your life path and reinforce the love and guidance from the angels. 

Number 555

Significant life-changing times leading to your soul advancement. Warding the old energies and accepting the new. Notable shifts coming your way. Accept the blessings, and co-create your reality. 

Number 666

Bring back the harmony in your life. You are overwhelmed by circumstances. Do not let fear hinder your way. You are blocking the loving energies of the Universe, praying for divine intervention to reconnect with your inner self. 

Number 777

Divine intervention. Staying balanced and focused. You are on the right path towards your spiritual upliftment. 

Number 888

Infinite affluence coming your way. Financial support is available to you. Abundance could be in the order of money, friends or learning. It represents Archangel Raphael’s blessings at our end. 

Number 999

Karmic cycle ending. A significant period in your life is fading; you are prepared for the fresh start. It also hints a path as a lightworker with a focus on service, radiating love and light. Moving on.

Number 1010

The Universe Loves you. Stay targeted and aligned in your growth. Archangel Metatron communicates through this symbol. Listen.

The pair 0 magnify the Universe’s loving energy, and 1 is telling you to focus on the positive. Stay optimistic and build strong vibrations. 

Number 911

Emergency alarm, wake up. Uncover your purpose in life. Call to action. This number has a lot to do with enlightenment and spirituality.

Number 121 –

Be more optimistic. Hold on to hope. Reassurance that your prayers will soon be answered.

Number 123 –

To have faith, step up and shape our lives with our actions and decisions.

Energy Gateways to conceive the change you seek :

8-8-2020 :

Meditate for creating abundance – 8:8 portals are Lion’s gate portal.

11-11-2020 :

Write down your intentions to create a vision. 

12-12-2020 :

Meditate for clarity in Life and Love. 

9-9-2020 :

End the Cycles in your life.


There are multiple blog conversations about angel numbers; each has a lot to offer, and it’s difficult to details in one post. So, I have highlighted the aspects of each digit that usually resonates with all.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Mention in the comments, what symbol is your new chaser.

Love and Light

Messenger Angel Malachi